Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why Powell's City of Books Rocks My World

Powell's City of Books is a kickass independent bookstore in Portland, Oregon that has been around for nearly 35 years. They are wall-to-wall books and boast a friendly, knowledgable staff and a real commitment to literature. But if that's not enough, this week there are two more reasons why Powell's ROCKS MY WORLD.

#1 Powell's has an essay of mine up on their website. Right now it's right up front at their homepage,but it's permanently archived here as well.

#2 In conjunction with this essay, Powell's is offering 30% off The Bitch Posse. That's like getting 117 and 1/3 pages of it for free!

Yay Powell's! While you're there, check out all their other awesome author essays. And buy some more books~support independent bookselling!