Monday, June 27, 2005

Now Here's a Novel Idea

Guh, forgive me for the pun, but it's late, and I'm just a tad UNINSPIRED at the moment.

Would you bid on this auction?

******Advertise in my New Novel*****

Michael T. Owens is selling a full-page ad in his new novel, right at the front. From what I gather from his website, which I perused briefly, Owens writes erotica by, about, and primarily for African American men. About the book:
A Dream Come True

When Morris “Mookie” Lovett wins a hip hop talent contest, he leaves his sheltered life in suburban Orlando, FL and heads for glitzy Los Angeles, CA. With hot lyrical skills, charisma, and good looks, he feels he’ll be a star in no time. His girlfriend Pam Rivera, and their best friend Fatimus Brown, tag along hoping to chase dreams of their own. Pam dreams of being a Hollywood fitness consultant while Fatimus simply wants a life outside of online chess, Sci-fi movies, and stamp collecting. Soon the fast life of sex, lies, music, and drama takes its toll, turning their dreams into nightmares. By the time they realize the city of Angels might be the city of devils it could be too late.

The current bid is $200 at the moment, and I'll bet it goes higher before the auction closes.

Owens states:



Unlike major best-selling authors, I don't have a multi-million dollar marketing budget! With that said, HERE I AM EBAY! Potential readers are waiting to buy your products and use your services. YOU just have to reach them! Corporations like McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Pepsi advertise in movies all the time. Why not do the same in books??!!
Well, hmmm. Maybe. But how are we to know whether this is a good deal? Owens doesn't disclose information about print run and so forth.

But to tell you the truth, this is one of the better marketing ploys I've seen lately. I mean, who the hell is Michael T. Owens anyway? Did YOU know before this auction? I sure didn't. Now, I don't know if I'll buy his book... but I will remember his name, that's for sure.