Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bitch Underground

The Bookseller to the Stars went Tubing this weekend and snapped these photos of the Bitch Goddess Notebook posters for me... thereby PROVING that the email I received from my British editor telling me this was going to happen, was not a hallucination. I'm really flipping out because this is just a lot of fun to see.

If you can't read the text on the posters, it says "Discover Your Inner Bitch" on the top and then the quotes:

If you loved Heathers and The Craft, this is for you – it's dark, compelling and not for the faint-hearted. Five stars. ~HEAT (I'm told HEAT is like the UK version of PEOPLE)

More bitch lit than chick lit... There's a buzz about this book that tells us it's going to be huge this summer. ~GLAMOUR (It's the UK version of duh, GLAMOUR)

Don't disbelieve the hype. The Bitch Goddess Notebook is as good a debut as it's cracked up to be. ~TATLER (This is like the UK's VANITY FAIR)

Then at the bottom it says, "Find Trouble Before It Finds You."

Bitch at Notting Hill Gate

Bitch at Bond Street Station

Bitch, The White Stripes, The Bookseller to the Stars, and 13 Conversations at Notting Hill Gate

Bitch, 13 Conversations and Some Beer, Energy Drink or Condom Ad (I can't tell which) at Marble Arch

D'you spose that The White Stripes or the people who manufactured that Energy Drink/Condom are flipping out over their Tube ads? Dousing themselves with champagne, or at least some cheap chardonnay? [Cos, ya know, some of us can't quite manage the Dom Perignon at the moment... Bitch is selling well, but not QUITE (heh) like Elephant did or how Satan likely will... And I'll NEVUH hope to sell as much as ANY brand of condom (or beer or energy drink, for that matter) Ah well, Two Buck Chuck will do nicely]

Honest to Betsy, d'you think those Famous Types are running up and down their block yelling YAHOOOOO! without even any eye makeup on?

I somewhat doubt it, but I don't care. As long as I keep my clothes on, I think I should be all right.

And Two Buck Chuck in a coffee mug... that'll do QUITE nicely.

See ya tomorrow~xoxox