Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Is 8 Years Old Too Young To Start Drinking Coffee?

I come from a Swedish family and I started at 12! But seriously, everyone, a friend passed me this brand new study, just off the wire as of TOMORROW MORNING, and it was so fascinating. Now, if you or a family member are not personally struggling with Type 1 Diabetes, you may not know why nighttime hypoglycemia is a problem. Hypoglycemia means that blood glucose levels have gone too low and the patient may seize, pass out, even die. Not. Good. Especially if it happens at night when you are sleeping. So, here's a brand new way to prevent nighttime hypoglycemia:

Caffeine Benefits People With Type 1 Diabetes
(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- People with type 1 diabetes who regularly consume caffeine may be getting an extra boost from that morning cup of java. New research shows caffeine reduces the risk of nighttime low blood sugars.

Hypoglycemia -- when blood sugar levels drop too low -- is a major concern among people with type 1 diabetes. One way to reduce these dangerous episodes is to “relax” the target blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. However, having blood sugars that are too high poses serious health risks and is directly related to many of the complications people with diabetes often endure, such as retinopathy, neuropathy, kidney damage, and heart disease. Researchers say other ways to reduce these low blood sugar episodes need to be explored.

Recently, researchers have shown that prolonged episodes of hypoglycemia can be missed -- especially during sleep -- if patients are only relying on warning symptoms or fingerstick blood sugar checks. Now, a simple dietary change may make a big difference.... {MORE}

This is great news for all of us struggling with T1D, actually. I may have my son switch back from caffeine free diet Coke to the regular diet Coke, at least once a day.