Sunday, May 22, 2005

Big Big KEE-RAZY Contest

I've decided to have a big big contest. Mostly to amuse myself but also for the benefit of my loyal blog readers, AND those who just happen to surf by.

I am going to offer a signed, personalized copy of THE BITCH POSSE to three lucky winners. WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!

THE BITCH POSSE is the novel that Tatler called "As good a debut as it's cracked up to be... Don't disbelieve the hype. It's edgy, smart and sexy, like its heroines... What could have been just another coming-of-age story is redeemed by strong narrative voices, pungent writing and a splendid Grand Guignol finale.'

UK Glamour said: "There's a buzz about this book that tells us it's going to be huge this summer... it's more bitch lit than chick lit. Reminiscent of cult movie 'Heathers', it revels in the seedy underbelly of American life, and features the kind of female angst Alice 'Lovely Bones' Sebold would be proud of... The novel flits back and forth from school days to adulthood, where none of the girls remains in contact but all share a dark secret. Believe us when we say you won't be able to rest until you find out what it is."

in the US called THE BITCH POSSE "A sizzling page-turner";

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer
said it "nails the intense, us-against-the-world, overcooked emotion that defines the friendship of teen girls and the druggy delirium of first, sexual love,"

and Bookreporter called it "quite unabashedly satisfying...prompting even this most jaded reviewer to stay up until the wee hours of the night just to find out what happened next...a thrilling ride."

Do you want it? It's free! You will receive a first edition, first printing as well. The novel's just gone into its second printing so again... these are limited. A collector's item if you will. All you have to do is send an email to this address and in 250 words or less (preferably less, a lot less), explain why your high school sucks or sucked. The high school in this novel sucks really bad and high schools mainly suck anywhere you go so that's the theme. I will pick the three most apt entries and those people will be the lucky winners!

Put FREE BITCH POSSE in the subject header.

Now, two small caveats. If you do enter, please indicate whether I can add your name to the newsletter e-mail list about the book. Will you get a ton of messages? NO! I haven't even sent out one newsletter yet. (That's pretty sad and pathetic, I know. In fact, someone at one of my readings wanted to know when she was going to get one! Call me lazy, call me overwhelmed, just don't call me late for dinner.) I expect these will go out once every few months, if I'm lucky. I don't sell or rent lists either, as I HATE AND ABHOR spam. BUT, you do not have to join the list to enter the contest.

The only other caveat is that you have to let me know what you think of the novel when you're done reading it. Just an email is good.

Are those two terms OK? If they are, then enter away!

I'm going to run this contest for a week! Enjoy.