Sunday, May 22, 2005

Oh, my God!

Chicago ROCKED! I had so much fun. Sheesh, where to start?

We went out to dinner in a place in Oak Park called "New Rebozo." The whole theme of the place is "Oh, my God!" as that's what everyone says after sampling the food. The owner comes up to the table and explains everything you're about to eat and punctuates it all with "Oh, my God!" And it was GREAT. Cinnamon mole, pumpkin seed mole, and classic mole. Mango and goat cheese vegetarian tamales. Veggie tostadas with pinto beans. The most enormous margaritas I have ever seen (two of them apiece). Oh, my God!

Did I mention I now know how to use a forge? My sis's boyfriend is a blacksmith. So, after New Rebozo, we headed over to his forge and I, half loaded, took out my aggressions on an 1800-degree piece of steel. (Pix to follow when sis emails them.) I made a beautiful curly keychain and didn't even maim myself! That was way fun.

Both readings were WONDERFUL. At Barbara's in Oak Park, I got to read all my naughty bits in front of my parents, aunt, cousin and 90-year old grandmother (well, not the NAUGHTIEST ones... I'm not THAT naughty!). I'll have you know that my grandmother read THE BITCH POSSE from start to finish and while she found it "rather shocking," she said she enjoyed it very much.

Also, an old friend I haven't seen since she was in 7th grade and I was in 9th showed up! We went out for beverages afterward and caught up a bit. Then the next day, at Bookstall in Winnetka, another blast from the past as my PIANO TEACHER as well as an old friend of mine from high school were there!

This is the topper though: in the coincidence to end all coincidences, I was riding the plane from O'Hare to SFO and as I was walking toward the back I heard "Martha!" It was YET ANOTHER old friend of mine from high school, whom I haven't seen since graduation. He was on his way to Sydney and was reading MY BOOK! I signed it, of course, and we yammered away until the flight attendants wanted to get by us with drinks.

When I got back, the kids nearly KNOCKED ME OVER at the airport. And Husband appears to have held down the fort just fine. AND, on my dining room table was A HUGE BOUQUET OF FLOWERS from Orion, "to celebrate the UK publication of The Bitch Goddess Notebook"! Well, I am now COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY SPOILT!

Then, I slept. And slept. Now, I shall go to Whole Foods for vegetarian tamales. And eat. And sleep. Tomorrow, I hope to post some pix of the San Mateo reading, as it was a TON of fun also. (And I got a copy of the new Lee Child, a whole month in advance!~It was the UK edition.)

Much love, Martha