Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Broken Flash and More Book Tour Stops...

Getting back to the diabetes topic (that IS one of my topics, isn't it? I'm noticing all these links lately from diabetes websites, and I imagine they're a tad disappointed to hear me YAMMERING ON about book tours and so on. SO, to placate those folks, and also just to VENT a wee bit)...

...our son's Freestyle Flash blood glucose meter BROKE yesterday. On the way to swim practice. It wasn't the batteries (changing the batteries on the Flash requires an instruction manual, but that's a whole OTHER TOPIC... ). The meter turns on but won't recognize any test strips.

He can't swim without a meter. It's dangerous. We need to know what his number is before he swims so we can load him up on carbs. What if he goes low in the water?

We had to cancel swim and go to FUCKING Longs to buy another FUCKING Flash which was not covered by FUCKING insurance and therefore we're out $93.99. And in the car, of course, come the tears and the "I hate diabetes."

"I hate it too," was all I could really say to respond.

When the world gets calm enough for me to call and scream at Therasense, I'm sure they will send me a new one. They'd better.

Hugely rushing but the Virtual Book Tour continues. Near Melanie Lynne Hauser's Refrigerator Door, we have one of those really frank in-your-kitchen talks, speculating as to whether people have sex in Indiana. Three other gals should have their entries up by tonight... will post them then.