Tuesday, May 03, 2005

8-Year-Old Saves His Dad's Life

Okay, this is a must read. It makes you remember what is REALLY important.

from The New York Daily News...
Boy's wheel hero when illness hits


An 8-year-old Boston-area boy was hailed as a hero yesterday for saving his delirious dad's life - by talking some sense into him.

Steve Vellucci persuaded his father to give up the SUV keys after his pop suffered a diabetic reaction and began driving erratically, police said.

"I knew something was wrong, because his eyes were barely open, he was sweaty," the second-grader said. "If I cried, I knew I would make it worse. I said, 'Dad, I need the keys really badly, and he gave them to me.'"

Steve's saga began Saturday when his father, also named Steven, began driving them home to Tyngsborough, Mass., after baseball practice, police said.

Vellucci, 36, told cops he felt a little woozy because he'd skipped lunch and his blood sugar had dipped. He said he figured he could make the 2-mile drive home.

Instead, Vellucci barreled his Nissan 20 miles down Route 3 into the town of Bedford before admitting to Steve, "I don't know where I am," police said.... {MORE}

Wonderful story, and with a happy ending. The best kind!