Sunday, April 24, 2005

The LA Times Book Festival~and OH HOLY SHIT

Let's just catch our breath first, shall we? Here's something NOT TO MISS. Mark Sarvas at The Elegant Variation has been blogging about the LA Times Book Festival since it began. He's got a ton of entries on this, so spend some time at his site reading. He even did minute-by-minute coverage of the Los Angeles Times Book Awards. Mark also did amazing reporting at Book Expo America last year~check that out too.

{PS, Like the big Dorkzilla that I am, I seem to have pinged Mark's site TWICE. Doh! I hope it isn't too much trouble for him to delete the extra one. Perhaps my Ping License will need to be suspended for awhile.}

Anyway, now that I've spilled that crucial information I've got permission to FLIP OUT...

Holy, holy shit. Last night and early this morning, I received emails from two friends that The Bitch Posse is now in stores. In very nice places WITHIN the stores, happily. My baby's arrived early!

Amazon says it's shipping in 24 hours, too. And some dirty bastards are selling used copies already.... Lemme at 'em.

I wasn't ready for this. I was going to calmly send out copies to close friends and family from the massive box that arrived on Friday afternoon, inscribe them with gloriously thought-out and gorgeously written personal sentiments, box them up and mail them, and recline on my sofa eating bon-bons and watching reality TV until May 1, WHEN THE BOOK WAS SUPPOSED TO ARRIVE IN STORES. There'd be a parade in my honor, and I would ride in a silver Ferrari, wearing a diamond tiara, holding a bouquet of roses and smiling and waving at everyone I passed. Because the world shifts off its axis when your book comes out, dontcha know?

Actually, everything is pretty much the same other than those two emails. I don't know what I'll do about that nervous breakdown I was planning to have. Auction it off on Ebay, perhaps, and put the proceeds in savings just in case I don't earn out my advance?

Ha, ha, ha, good one, Martha! Erm, yeah.

No, that nervous breakdown isn't gone after all. It's waiting in the wings~

PS It looks like we'll be getting the CoZMo insulin pump for our son. With the built-in blood sugar monitor and all the features, I'm pretty darned impressed. I heard from a few different people that they'd steer clear of Animas and that there are a lot of unhappy MiniMed users since the company merged with MedTronic. So I'll be a CoZMo girl after all!