Friday, April 22, 2005

On Being a Resource~and TOMORROW!

Sorry I've been scarce today~I am starting to become overwhelmed with preparations for the book launch. When I look at my upcoming schedule I just must laugh because I actually probably DO need a robot double of myself. Some exciting stuff is coming up, though... Stay tuned.

This was odd. My book is now a psychiatric resource categorized with a bunch of medical books! Of course, there are books like Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen and Shutter Island by Dennis LeHane included there too, so perhaps it's because one of my characters is in a psychiatric hospital. Still, I can't imagine what use my novel would be to psychiatrists. Maybe I'll ask MINE, hah!

TOMORROW is going to be a big day. A big, huge WONDERFUL DAY. So forgive me for being so excited I could just explode!


Tomorrow, my son and I are going to a class to learn how to use an insulin pump. This will make our lives so much more spontaneous and natural. For instance, let's say we want to go to Baskin-Robbins after school. Instead of having to give himself an extra insulin shot, he'll just have to press a button on his pump ("TO BOLUS" is the verb phrase... no one got that right on my quiz the other day), and WHOOSH, insulin will be delivered into his sytem automatically. At swim practice, he won't have to gulp down juices and crackers before jumping into the water. Instead he'll unclip his pump or turn down his basals.

Instead of 4-5 shots every day~with extra shots for treats~it'll be one infusion site change every three days.

YES, he still has to test blood sugars and count carbs. No, it is not a MAGICAL DEVICE that means he no longer has diabetes. But after an initial adjustment period (I hear it's like being diagnosed all over again, with all you have to learn), I think it'll be great.


He'll get to test out all the different pumps, play with them, and even insert an infusion set (if he's not too scared~the needle's pretty danged long, but supposedly the numbing cream just zonks out all sensation so it doesn't hurt). Maybe Violet will scoot by here and tell me more~she's the Pump Goddess. Her pump even has a NAME, for Pete's sake~"Charlotte."

I doubt we'll actually be PUMPING before summer~I want to give it my full attention and I can't with this book coming out. But we'll put in the order with insurance and be good to go probably in July! YAY!!!

I'll betcha a dollar that our pump will have a name, too. And ten'll get ya one that name will be "Gary."