Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Snippety Snip

You can now read a free excerpt of The Bitch Posse at my new and ever-improving website.

I apologize on my mother's behalf for the "crude and vulgar language" you will find in the excerpt. (Some Ebay seller actually used that phrase to describe the contents of an Advanced Reader's Copy he's hawking... hey, if you ask ME, it's "crude and vulgar" to hawk ARCs when the poor new novelist is TRYING TO FLIPPIN' EARN OUT HER ADVANCE.) She DID try her level best to raise me right, she honestly did. I, however, was incorrigible.

Seriously, though, these are my characters. The language is used for a purpose, and this is how Rennie, Amy, and Cherry talk and think. If you can get through Chapter 1, you will make it through the book and will probably even enjoy it. If not, well... SLOWLY BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. DO NOT CLICK THE "BUY THE BOOK" LINK. DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200.

For the rest of you...

The Beverage You Are About to Enjoy Is Extremely Hot. Sip Carefully.