Sunday, April 03, 2005


The Children with Diabetes organization has just come out with their new t-shirts. I think they are fantastic, and at $15, quite the steal. The young lady who is the model has type 1 diabetes. I've hotlinked the image to the order form~

I like this message. Insulin keeps us hanging on until a cure is found, but our children still need a cure! Although we're grateful for the lifesaving discovery of Sir Fredrick Banting and his assistant Charles Best (before insulin, Type 1 Diabetes was an automatic death sentence), insulin is not a cure. Insulin and even the smartest human brain just can't replicate the elegant, subtle workings of the pancreas. Sometimes, people seem to forget that.

I am going to order some for the whole family. They can be purchased here~all proceeds go to research, scholarships, and supplies for needy families. They also have some of the popular bracelets, too. So wear your opinion proudly and help find a cure while you're at it! That's it for now~

Love, Martha