Saturday, April 02, 2005

Step into the Urban Cave and Meet a Butterfly

As I was discussing Australian music with my friend (see post below) I began to realize how much I admire the Australian band Brother. I knew that I had to share their story with you. Their frontman, Hamish Richardson, has had Type 1 Diabetes since age 11.

Hamish Richardson

About Brother (from their site):

"BROTHER is taking their eclectic mix of didgeridoos, bagpipes and drums into communities all over America with the aim of raising awareness and exploding the myths about stem cell research.

"The band’s front-man and co-founder, Hamish Richardson has had diabetes since the age of 11. Richardson says he and his bandmates are looking to extend the work it already does with diabetic kids (didgeridoo and percussion workshops), to highlight the immense potential of stem cell research to find cures for childhood diabetes and a host of other debilitating diseases. The band is adding its music and voices in the hope of motivating communities to call for the lifting of restrictions on therapeutic stem cell research and to keep research in the public arena, not behind closed doors in private laboratories."

This is their logo and since butterflies are my power animal I knew I was meant to spread the word. :o)

Why the butterfly?

'We've chosen the butterfly as the symbol for this tour because, aside from its beauty, it's a creature which undergoes a complete metamorphosis in its lifetime. The same kind of dramatic life changes could occur in the lives of humans all over the world if we allow stem cell research to realise its potential. Fly Away.' Hamish

Earlier this year Brother sponsored a contest. Everyone was to make their own butterfly using items prevalent in a household with Type 1 Diabetes. Here was the winner, made by Aaron in Huntington Beach, California (click for larger image):

Aaron's Winning Butterfly

Aaron made his butterly using 280 of his own leftover insulin syringes. For the typical child on multiple daily injections this represents approximately 2 months of shots.

This band has done so much for the cause of diabetes research. I find it so admirable when those personally touched by the disease speak out and become activists and educators. That is why 10-time Olympic medalist swimmer Gary Hall Jr. and renowned actress Mary Tyler Moore (you can see how outspoken she is; please, PLEASE click that previous link and read her JDRF speech! And do click the Gary Hall link as well, I am all for hot guys with hot causes) BOTH have my admiration as well.

Please do make plans to see Brother in your area. They are touring the East Coast, South and Midwest this May and June, and their dates are available here.


May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.
And find your shoulder to light on.
To bring you luck, happiness and riches.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.