Thursday, March 24, 2005

Stuck up middle finger punk fiction!

YES, I have BOWED under pressure and pulled that quote right to the front.

The gist of this post is that someone loves me! Or at least, he loves my book! Whee, excuse me... I don't think I am quite off the ceiling yet!

The scoop~Mark Farley is a bookseller and front-of-store manager at Waterstone's in Notting Hill Gate in London. He writes an interesting blog about his experiences as an author and "bookseller to the stars" (I guess a lot of movie stars visit his store... you know, it's "Notting Hill" and all...)

Anyway, Mark read an ARC of my novel and reviewed it on his site! (It's called The Bitch Goddess Notebook (Orion, May) in the UK.)

You can read the whole thing on Mark's reviews page (much of it caused me to fall down in hysterical laughter~he's a very funny writer), but here are a few highlights~
...Then a book comes along that changes everything. It sets a whole new benchmark for "sassy" women writers and runs to a completely new ballplate, knocking over pathetic female characters in its way with its passion, attitude and clarity.

...Of all the publishers who have suited and booted for this year's assault on the Summer, Orion have a secret weapon up their sleeves and have truly hit the nail on the head.

The Bitch Goddesses are not Chick-Lit.

The Bitch Goddesses are not Genre Fiction.

The Bitch Goddesses are not General Fiction, brothers and sisters, but yet in so many ways, they are all of the above.

A walking contradiction that will comfort you and make you respect the writer for what is an amazing debut....

It's storytelling that resonates some Machiavellian sense that this book will be a great modern classic in years to come, even if it means myself alone having to sell every copy..."

Oh but there's so much more...

Never has a book had me so eager to sneak forward and find out what has happened to each person. But, you can't as all the stories are beautifully intense. I read it and had to read it again straight away.

It's just so refreshing to see something come out with balls and spirit. From the very first page, I was like, "Fuck, this is good."

I really hope that this has a first class campaign behind it with some energy that the book deserves because with all the marketable dross and biographies about nobodies that came out last summer, it really stagnated the industry. If I get to see The Bitch Goddess Notebook in the window of our vast bookstore next to the next Dan Brown and Michael Palin, I will have not have lost my faith in bookselling after all, thus dying a little happier.

After I read that, I curled up in a ball and DIED WITH DELIGHT. Someone who doesn't know me and just happened to pick up the ARC in his store a whole ocean away... LIKED MY BOOK AND WANTS OTHER PEOPLE TO READ IT. It's a little surreal.

You know, I'm not even sure if I believe it's actually going to BE a book in May. I mean~couldn't I have just dreamed the whole thing? This is what I've imagined happening to me ever since I was a little girl, and I hardly ever get what I want, even if I whine, so... how did this situation fall together? Someone wants to ~HUH~ publish my BOOK? You mean like with a cover on it? And actually PUT IT IN A STORE or even a LIBRARY?


For serious?

That's kinda how I walk around half the time.

And then to read an unsolicited review like that, well, I actually LITERALLY WENT TO MY HUSBAND and asked him to PINCH MY ARM to make sure I was really awake.

I THINK I am awake and I haven't just made this all up in my head, but I've switched from double to triple lattes in the morning. Just, you know, to make sure.