Friday, March 18, 2005

Someone Else To Reject You

Hey, there's a new editor at that magazine, you know, that ONE? That one where they always well, always sort of REJECT YOU? That one that's so superdeduper prestigious that ODORS of GLAMOUR and ELEGANCE simply WAFT from its pages when you open it up? That one that is so difficult to get into that you've often been convinced it's really a FICTIONAL ENTITY? That one you dream about seeing your name in every night, even though you haven't, well, haven't exactly READ it or anything since, well, since college?

Not that those things are true of ME or anything. {insert smiley thing here}

Truth be told, I actually haven't actually submitted fiction other than my novel ANYWHERE for about eight years, when the twins were born. Hmm, do you sense a pattern? Anyway, that's MY excuse for not having my name crop up in The Paris Review lately. What's yours?

BUT, new editor, new blood, new hope?

I dunno. I kinda don't think this new editor, Philip Gourevich, is going to change the tone of The Paris Review very much. Read about him yourself and decide....

For most of us, I think the big change will be with the rejection slips~now they'll say something like, "WE WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT TOMORROW YOUR STORY WILL BE KILLED ALONG WITH YOUR MORALE."