Thursday, March 10, 2005


My friend's 5-year-old had a diabetic seizure this morning. He wears an insulin pump and has had D for a few years now.

She had checked his blood sugars at 2 am and he was in the mid-200s~she corrected him down to 200, as she would normally do in those circumstances. At 5:30 she heard a horrible, strangled scream from his room. When she rushed in he was seizing and jerking from side to side, unable to speak. Luckily, he was able to swallow so she didn't have to give the glucogon injection. After some juice he was OK (the same could not be said for my friend).

That scares me so much. She had CHECKED at 2 am. She corrected as she was supposed to. Why did this happen? The other weird thing is, he was at 58 or something like that~her son's been MUCH lower (as has mine) without seizing or passing out.

I still have chills about this one. Because she did EVERYTHING right. What if her boy hadn't screamed?