Saturday, March 05, 2005

This Might Be Our FINAL CHANCE...

Please read this blog entry, even if you are not a regular visitor to my blog.

Attached is an extremely important letter from Bernie Siegel at The Genetics Policy Institute. There is a very important UN vote coming on Tuesday which could ban therapeutic cloning--a key part of stem cell study. Therapeutic cloning would NOT create another living being, which the VAST, VAST majority of scientists oppose, including The Genetics Policy Institute, The California Research and Cures Coalition, and The Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research.

Stem cell research could bring an end to many diseases, including Type 1 Diabetes but also including AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's, autism, Parkinson's, spinal cord injury and many others. (If you would like to learn more about the FACTS on therapeutic cloning, please visit the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research.)

PLEASE join me, many of my friends and fellow parents of children with diabetes, and the best and brightest scientists, advocates, and researchers on the planet, by taking part in this important campaign. Let's not say no to the promise of stem cell research. Let's not be swayed by a few extremists who paint sci-fi scenarios and present them as facts. Let's say YES to cures for diseases, and please, PLEASE act by faxing and emailing our opinions as Bernie suggests below.



The United Nations will vote on the declaration on human cloning on Tuesday, March 8, 2005. The foes of nuclear transfer (therapeutic cloning) research are looking to increase their plurality and thus create a propaganda victory. The countries supporting stem cell research have appealed to the scientific and patient community to send fax letters in support of stem cell research.

Our job: mobilize as many or more letters and deprive our opponents of creating the illusion of victory. What is at stake is a perception of momentum against NT that could hurt our efforts in states and in the U.S. Senate this year.

At a minimum, please cut and paste the letter below and send it , AS A WORD ATTACHMENT, to the fax bank we have set up with the CRCC to Matt Jordan at mjordan{AT} Your letter will be faxed to 138 key missions. Take the opportunity to do this, and by all means, personalize the message.

If you are a scientist, take the time this weekend to make a powerful statement for freedom of scientific research. If you are a patient, let the UN missions know how important SCNT is to your future. This might be our final opportunity to influence the UN. This fax letter campaign is historic and unprecedented in the annals of UN lobbying. Our campaign has poured more than 24,000 fax letters to key UN missions since November.

All letters should be emailed to mjordan{AT} no later than Monday.

The UN missions supporting this research have asked that every scientist, bioethicist, scholar, patient and supporter of stem cell research to participate in this campaign. The Coalition for Advancement of Medical Research and the California Research and Cures Coalition are full partners in this effort.

Thank you for your continued support.



Bernard Siegel
Executive Director
Genetics Policy Institute
11924 Forest Hill Blvd. Suite 22
Wellington, Florida 33414


March 7, 2004

U.N. General Assembly
U.N. Headquarters
Conference Building
New York, NY 10017

To the Members of the U.N. General Assembly:

We strongly urge that the United Nations not adopt any declaration that could be construed as calling for a ban on therapeutic cloning. Such a declaration would risk inhibiting freedom of scientific research and the development of potential cures. Let us not destroy the hope for treatments for the millions of adults and children who live with intense suffering and face premature death.

We write on behalf of patients, advocates, caregivers, academic institutions, scientists and researchers to express our strong concern that the United Nations will adopt a declaration on human cloning that will fail to clearly distinguish the difference between unethical reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning (somatic cell nuclear transfer), a form of stem cell research, which could lead to the understanding, treatment, and cure of medical conditions impacting millions of persons worldwide.

All countries can agree that human reproductive cloning should be prohibited. Reproductive cloning is unethical and dangerous. However, it is essential that the distinction be made between cloning for reproductive purposes and cloning for the purposes of potentially life-saving medical research. There can be no debating the promise that nuclear transfer research holds – it is safe, ethical and may lead to treatments or cures for medical conditions including heart disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, HIV/AIDS, spinal cord injury, and countless others. It is critical that the United Nations distinguish between therapeutic cloning research, which seeks to create stem cells in a Petri dish, and reproductive cloning that seeks to produce a child.

We ask that your mission either vote AGAINST or ABSTAIN from supporting the declaration adopted by the Sixth Committee pertaining to human cloning. The declaration lacks clarity and does not represent a consensus on the issue of therapeutic cloning.