Friday, February 25, 2005

Wouldn't It Be Convenient?

"Wouldn't it be convenient to win a million dollars?" my son asked me last night.

Yes. Yes, it would be VERY CONVENIENT INDEED.

Next: "How old do you have to be to go on Survivor?"

NO NO NO NO NO NO. You are NEVER putting yourself in harm's way, NEVER! I didn't say that, though. I said, Eighteen, I think.

Yeah, OK, I'll cop to it. I DO let my kids watch Survivor, mainly so I can watch it too. (BAD MOTHER! BAD, BAD MOTHER!) Last night my son asked some VERY good questions. And who wouldn't enjoy the convenience of having a million dollars?

Here's the remark that really tugged my heartstrings, though. "I don't think I could really go on Survivor, Mom, 'cos they prob'ly wouldn't let me take my insulin and stuff..." {frowning, shaking head} "My fanny pack would be SO busted!" (He carries all his diabetes supplies--his meter, his insulin pen, his syringes and needle tips, juices, candy, glucose gel for lows, the emergency glucagon injection--all of it in a fanny pack that he wears all the time.)

What do you say to that? It just makes you want to smash something. I HATE THIS DAMNED DISEASE. And even more, I hate that it makes him feel this way--that it makes him feel different or that he can't do something. I'm determined that he NEVER, NEVER, *NEVER* feel that his diabetes can get in the way of following his dreams.

So we talked about Gary Hall Jr. again. (BTW, COMING SOON TO THIS BLOG--The Top 10 Reasons Gary Hall Jr. Should Go on Survivor. Mainly 'cos I like thinking about him in a swimsuit.)

I also reminded him about Chad Crittenden, the teacher from Oakland with an artificial leg who did Survivor last year. [OK, he didn't win, but so far as I remember he NEVER used the "disability card" to make excuses as to why he didn't. Gary's never done that either; great article (and nice pic of Gary) here.]

And I said (as I have before) that diabetes should NEVER get in his way, that he can do ANYTHING HE WANTS TO IN LIFE, other than join the military and pilot a commercial aircraft (which are prohibited to him by law).

For entirely different reasons, though, he decided that he'd MUCH rather win The Apprentice than Survivor. For one thing, you don't have to stay on some crappy, buggy, rainy island; you get to stay in Trump Tower. Instead of roasting tiny little fish over a campfire, you get to cook in a gourmet kitchen. You don't win junk like FREAKIN' GOGGLES for a challenge; you win $20,000 worth of pearls.

And, "At the end of it all, you have a really good job!"

I dunno, what would it REALLY be like working for The Donald? The pressure would get to me.

I hear the pay's quite convenient, though.