Thursday, February 24, 2005

Editor Roundtable, Part 2

Dan Wickett at Emerging Writers Forum has another lit journal editor interview up. if you're a new writer, this interview's CHOCK FULL of great tips and inside glimpses of the world of established, respected literary reviews.

Editors on the roundtable are:

David Lynn - The Kenyon Review

Gina Frangello - Other Voices

Jason Sanford - storySouth

Martin Lammon - Arts & Letters

Don Lee - Ploughshares

Esther Lee - Indiana Review

Barry Silesky - Another Chicago Magazine

Aaron Burch - Hobart

Over 'n' out from me today... my parents arrive in town and you could start an amusement park for rats in our veritable cornucopia of CRAP! My office would be Magic Mountain.