Tuesday, March 15, 2005


It seems lately all this diabetes stuff has been thrown my way and not much writing/publishing stuff. There must be a reason!

A friend told be about this offer~I have one of these magnets on my car. They are really nice, withstand the weather well, and help spread awareness of this chronic, lifethreatening disease that affects millions, including my 8-year-old son.

You can get one for free, by filling out the Diabetes Freedom Pledge here.

In the pledge, you need to promise to help someone to manage their diabetes for one year, or if it is your own diabetes, to be committed to managing it well yourself. If you are in the media or an educator, you simply need to commit to raising awareness of this disease.

Personally, I wish I had known more about the signs and symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes before my son was diagnosed. Then he wouldn't have gotten so sick (near coma at diagnosis).

There is a very nice list of symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes, diabetic ketoacidosis and impending diabetic coma here. Actually, everyone should review them, because it only takes a moment, and it could happen to someone you know. DKA looks like a lot of innocuous things, but if untreated, it is deadly. I am so dumb I did not know you can die from untreated Type 1 Diabetes. My son would have been dead in a matter of a day or so, had we not taken him in to the ER.

This offer is sponsored by TheraSense, which makes meters for Type 1s and Type 2s, and Glucerna, which makes meal replacement drinks for Type 2s.

Now if somebody would just cure this damned disease, we'd be all set.