Saturday, March 19, 2005

Zags Star with Type 1 Diabetes

Damnitall, the ONE YEAR I don't get a NCAA pool together (I'm usually a COUGH COUGH *bookie* COUGH COUGH this time of year~SHHHH) and something really exciting comes up!

Adam Morrison, sophomore player for #3 seeded Gonzaga, has Type 1 Diabetes.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:
Coach Mark Few called a timeout in the first half of Gonzaga's first-round NCAA tournament game against Winthrop. The Zags were struggling and he was mad. Adam Morrison listened to Few yelling out changes as he checked his blood sugar level. It was high, so the sophomore lifted his jersey and stuck a needle filled with insulin into his stomach. The horn blew, signaling the teams back into action.

"That kid is as tough as tough is," Few said Friday. "He bounces right back out on the floor, bangs in a couple jumpers and moves on."...

"He is an unbelievable inspiration and role model for all the kids out there that have been diagnosed with this," Few said. "You don't have to shut down your life. You can participate in any sports you want or do anything you want to do. Hopefully, that's the message that is getting out."

Morrison's disease affects his teammates and the coaching staff. He misses portions of every practice to check his blood sugar so he doesn't go into shock. Depending on the level, he may sit down and rest.

That didn't go over well at first with the other players.

"Guys are sweating, fighting, scratching and clawing and Adam is over there chomping on an energy bar and drinking some apple juice," Few said. "You can see where your teammates can get a little frustrated, but they have been unbelievably supportive of him. They became educated on it as we all have been, myself included."

OOOH, sports pool or no, I think I've got my team this year.