Thursday, April 07, 2005


You~yes, YOU~could win a FREE COPY of my book from! No strings attached~you don't even have to review it! Hell, you don't even have to READ IT!

Click the book cover to be taken to the entry page:

If I'm being brutally honest I must say that part of me resisted announcing this. Why? Because if you're reading here you're most likely gonna buy my book anyway, 'cos you know me. So if you've already WON A COPY, why would you BUY one?

Well. I thunk and thunk and thunk about this and I decided to go ahead and announce it anyway.

Number one, it's kinda cool to see my name up there with the other authors they've chosen for the giveaway. The Bitch Posse girls hangin' out with the Ya-Yas. Now THAT'D be a novel in itself.

Number two, it would be HUGELY EMBARRASSING if somehow BookBitch didn't get enough entries to give away 10 books. Wouldn't it? I don't suppose they'd tell me...

OK, off to go and VOMIT UP MY NERVES now...

It's a very bizarre limbo-place I'm in at the moment with regards to anyone actually knowing who the hell I am as a writer. In just one month my book will be out there, and people will be READING IT~I might even see the book in someone's hands! And I'm going to be giving READINGS, and SIGNING BOOKS, and going on this tour.... but right now I'm still little old me. Ugh, I'm getting dizzy...

I wonder if it's too late to hire a brilliant mad scientist to create a robot double of myself to take my place for the next few months?

OK, again, go and ENTER THE BOOKBITCH CONTEST! If nothing else, go and enter to save me from the embarrassment of having no one enter since no one really knows who the hell I am and why would they really want my book if they don't know who the hell I am and et cetera and so forth and my head is spinning again...

But if you DO win~maybe you could... HMM.... get your FRIENDS to buy copies? Get your book club to read it? Walk around town for a month with your nose buried in it remarking loudly to all whom you pass how much you're enjoying it and how you LITERALLY can't put it down?

Or maybe you could buy an extra one for its pure collectibility?

Or out of pure niceness?

Yeah, erm, good luck!