Monday, April 25, 2005

Justice Served

This just makes me ILL. At least the woman's going to prison, but it's still so horrible there are such deluded people in the world.

'Charlatan' guilty in girl's death
Naturopath's bad advice helped kill diabetic
By DAVE PIZER, Ottawa Sun

COMPARING Louise Lortie's behaviour to a "charlatan," a Quebec judge found the former naturopath guilty of manslaughter and criminal negligence causing the death of a 12-year-old diabetic girl more than a decade ago. The ailing 69-year-old Lortie, who is confined to a wheelchair, used a pendulum and consulted the Archangel Michael before recommending to Sylvie Fortin that she stop giving insulin to her severely diabetic daughter, Lisanne Manseau. Instead, Lortie recommended she take an unrefined cane sugar, other homemade herbal concoctions, special massages and salt water baths.

Manseau died on March 28, 1994, just three days after beginning the treatment....{more}

Evil, evil, evil. If I ran into Louise Lortie I think *I'd* end up guilty of manslaughter.