Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Big Con~and More Virtual Appearances

I am a liar. A dirty, rotten, stinkin' liar.

Let me explain. A week and a half ago we welcomed two new arrivals to our home.

Meet Julie Andrews:

And Indiana Jones:

Ah, bettas. Otherwise known as Japanese fighting fish. It's been so long since I've owned a pet, I became a little emotional about these guys. From day one, the little fucker above (and I say this with great affection, and am swearing ONLY BECAUSE I AM SO ANGRY AT THE WORLD... it is one of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's Stages of Grief, ya know... oops I'm giving the story away) REFUSED TO EAT. Anything.

I went out and got two different kinds of betta food. Washed out his bowl a bunch of times. Called the pet store. NO GO.

Yesterday I learned that dead fish do not float.

It happened while the kids were at school. And I just couldn't bring myself to go through the whole fish burial thing. The put-him-in-a-jewelry-box, dig a hole in the backyard, say a prayer and make a headstone, cry your eyes out thing.

I got a new one. {Hides face in shame.} An identical betta to the one who perished. He's really beautiful and he EATS. I made the pet store lady prove to me that he would eat before I would buy him.

Interestingly, our son changed his fish's name yesterday. Now he's Indiana Jones Gryffindor. I think some part of him knows.

We've had some awfully nice reviews of late (including a really spectacular one in Tatler if you're in the UK), and the Writer's Digest profile just appeared, but I'm starting to lose track of them all. The main reason being that I just don't have the time!

Oh, and if you are the Sonoma/Napa listening area, I am doing a live radio appearance during drivetime on the KVON/AM (ABC) show "Morning Edition." It's my first live interview, so forgive me if I sound like a big giant dork.

Some more virtual appearances before my real tour starts on Friday!