Sunday, May 08, 2005

Everyone's Staring, Again

There's a profile piece about me in the Sunday Marin Independent Journal, in the Lifestyles section. One cool thing you will read in the article~the book debuted at #6 on the Marin Independent Journal's bestseller list for books that are selling in Marin County. That's great as our county loves to read~lots of authors live here like Anne Lamott, Isabel Allende, Martin Cruz Smith, Joyce Maynard, Kay Boyle before she died, etc etc etc~so being a book lover is practically a requirement for living in Marin.

This was my first real interview and I'm a little too spooked to read it. Even when I got that link for you I just copied the link and closed the window RIGHT AWAY, just like you would if you were gazing at an S&M site and your boss sailed by.

But my husband read the article for me and said it was fine. Rather than really read the article I've decided to believe him.

It's really claustrophobic-making to see stuff written about yourself in the newspaper; even if they're being nice, they're bound to get something wrong, misquote you, or not write the story quite the way you would. And they did get a couple things wrong, my husband said~I went to school in Ohio, not Kentucky, and Cherry never did heroin with her mother~that was a different character. Oh well. On whole, he said they got it. But I'm still afraid to read it.

I have learned that I'm like a deer in headlights when it comes to media attention~and this is just the local paper, for heaven's sakes. By nature I'm a really shy person, and EVERYONE IS STARING.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day. My virtual book tour starts this week, so look for a lot of links to blogs where some very lovely and talented gals will be hosting me!