Monday, May 16, 2005

Do I Exist?

I think so~! Both signings (Corte Madera and LA) were GREAT, a TON of fun, saw and met a LOT of people, ate WONDERFUL food, and I have so much to tell, but I need to collapse. The brilliant gal who did my hair in LA, Tessa, tells me I must put black tea bags on my eyes and rest. I'm sure she's right. (You know it's bad when you misspell Corte Madera five separate times, and you've lived five miles from the town for the last seven years.) Corte the Who?

There were a few more interviews with me I didn't link to: Natalie Collins and Lara M Zeises. I feel I become less and less lucid with these interviews as time goes on and I leave more and more brain cells behind me. Anyway bear with me, I will answer emails LATER, again you are all so WONDERFUL and I'm so happy about all the wonderful people who came out and supported me in LA, from my Girlfriends Cyber Circuit friends to Momwriters to Readervillians and the inimitable Henry Baum... all of whom I'll go back and LINK once I edit this post, after I sleep... SLEEP? What is this SLEEP you speak of? xoxo