Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Terry Tells All

As a lot of people are aware, bestselling author Terry McMillan's marriage with Jonathan Plummer is breaking up. This is the man she wrote How Stella Got Her Groove Back about. Remember the one where she goes to Jamaica, meets a 25-year-old man, falls in love and, well, gets her groove back? Well, it's all over because her man is... gay. At first I really felt for Terry McMillan. I mean that's gotta kill your ego, right?

But then I read that Plummer's court filing claims: (via the San Francisco Chronicle)
In a Jan. 14 letter written by McMillan and filed with the court, the author told Plummer, "The reason you're going to make a great fag is that most of you guys are just like dogs anyway. ... You do whatever with whomever pleases you and don't seem to care about the consequences."

Plummer also says McMillan came into the dog-grooming shop and left him a bottle of Jamaican hot pepper sauce on which she wrote, "Fag Juice Burn Baby Burn,'' and that she also scrawled "Jonathan's Fag boyfriend Fag'' on a photo of a friend.

"She is an extremely angry woman who is homophobic and is lashing out at me because I have learned I am gay."
Wow. If any of that is true, I'm stunned and although Terry must be upset, these statements are over the top.

We may get some answers tonight. PBS is airing an interview with Terry, her first-ever interview since these revelations were brought to light. You can read excerpts here, including:

“I resent that he did all of this to basically eclipse the publication of my book so people would think that it’s a publicity stunt. I don’t need him for publicity. All this is basically because he wants my money. He’s not getting it. He has risked my life by having sex with men for years. He has become a U.S. citizen because of his relationship with me. He’s trying to get sympathy for himself and he’s a habitual liar and he’s a sociopath. Now, I will prove it. He has gotten on my last nerve.”
What do you think? Is it a stunt? Read the comments at that website (currently there are 74!) to catch a glimpse of how this story is playing.