Monday, February 14, 2005

I Hate Diabetes

Can I just say that?

In addition to spending an hour AT the school supervising food issues, I've had 4 calls from them today and had to put 2 into the clinic. The culprit... a Valentine's party with way more sugar than we estimated. And I was there! I put everything on his plate, measured it and instructed him on how much insulin to give.

I guessed WAY wrong. Because....

"Normal" blood sugar ranges are 80-120. My son's blood sugar was 414 after the party, 272 after lunch, and I almost gave an extra shot but the clinic said to wait it out.

Guess what, he was LOW (60) twenty minutes ago and we had to give candy to get his sugars up into a safe range again.

I love my son very, very dearly. And I hate diabetes, I hate it, I hate it.