Saturday, February 12, 2005

Insensitive Is As Insensitive Does

Was I a bitch yesterday about this? Yeah, I kinda was and I'm sorry. Well, this discussion's continued among my diabetes-pals and a couple of people put it so well. I've paraphrased:

  • People are insensitive because they don't live it. I never really understood until this happened to us.... Oh sure, I was sympathetic before, but I didn't KNOW. Even at diagnosis, I didn't realize how sick my son was or that he could have died. Now I do.

I've lost friends after diabetes--and I've gained friends. It's funny who comes to bat for you when you're in trouble. Most people probably do have the best intentions at heart. I just wish people would listen more and not assume they knew it all just because their goddamned CAT has diabetes or their grandma has THE OTHER KIND. ("Oh, there's another kind?")

Grrrr. OK, I'll stop typing now before I FLIP OUT again. Xxoo