Friday, February 11, 2005

Things That Make People Look Stupid and/or Like Insensitive Jerks

Some friends and I were discussing the STUPID and downright RUDE things that people say to us ALL THE TIME as parents of children with diabetes.

Now some of this stuff is just plain ignorance. I was ignorant, too, before my son was diagnosed. I thought you just gave your kid a couple shots a day and once in awhile he'd need a juice box.

Our son does 8-10 blood sugar tests (finger pokes) a day and takes 4-6 shots every day. If his blood sugars get too low, he could pass out and even die. If they get too high, over time he could fall into a diabetic coma. I am in contact with the school several times a day discussing his blood sugars, exercise levels, and food consumption. And I am in contact with his doctors several times per month discussing insulin dosage. Most nights, I get up and check his blood sugars to make sure he hasn't fallen dangerously low or soared dangerously high while asleep. Seven months into the process and I still feel like a novice. Welcome to my world.

But you know what? We plug away. He's healthy and very athletic. Life with this disease can go fairly smoothly... IF you put in the TIME that it takes to manage it. But yeah, it does take time. Insulin is a lifesaving drug, but it is not some magic wand that you wave and make everything OK in an instant.

Ignorance I can forgive, but rudeness, not so much. The worst is when this stuff is said in front of the kids.

**Ever said something and wished you could take it back? Well, in the world of blogging you actually can! Below I had shared with my blog readers some of the ABSOLUTELY GREAT and HILARIOUS comments that dumb people make to people whose kids have diabetes, which had been in turn shared with me by friends of mine. There was nothing really gross in there or anything, and nobody yelled at me or anything... BUT, in retrospect I don't think it was fair for me to transcribe them without getting everyone's permission. That's kinda like Linda Tripp taping Monica Lewinsky and then playing the tapes right there in front of everybody. Well. Kinda.

Anyway, I have redacted those comments. Kinda feeling like a STOOPID, INSENSITIVE JERK myself right about now. :o( I'm really not making any sense, am I? Agghh. The cost of being a dumbass, I guess.

Trust me, though--people say some REALLY DUMB, RUDE and INSENSITIVE THINGS to parents of kids with Diabetes.**

For lots of great information and FACTS about Type 1 Diabetes, visit the Children with Diabetes website.