Friday, February 11, 2005

High Alert!!!

Didn't that make you just JUMP!!!! Make your MUSCLES CLENCH UP and your EYEBALLS FREEZE OVER?


Gol, you must think I've LOST MY FREAKIN' MIND.

OK, here's the scoop. HB Fenn, the book distribution company in Canada, has a weekly magazine that goes to booksellers and reps throughout Canada. On the front page is their HIGH ALERT!! section. And they decided to name The Bitch Posse as their Reps Pick last week! Some other books that have been Reps Picks recently are The Ha-Ha by Dave King and Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

So I also officially {hearty-heart-heart} Judy Parker from HB Fenn!

Now, I must be ALTOGETHER HONEST and tell you that the HIGHEST High Alerts are Dr. Phil and the guy who wrote the book that they made the movie Sideways out of. (That's OK. I like Dr. Phil and I liked Sideways.) I'm a Reps Pick so I appeared below those two guys. So maybe just grab your sandbags and make sure your earthquake kit is well stocked. No need to EVACUATE THE CITY or anything.

Here's what she said. She's a good writer too! Someone sign her up!

Judy Parker (Sales Rep – Saskatchewan & Manitoba)
The Bitch Posse / Martha O’Connor (031233392, $29.95, hc, May)

After the frothy concoctions of chick lit it is satisfying to sink your teeth into meatier fare and in The Bitch Posse the fare is meaty, indeed. The story cuts back and forth between the present and the past of three seemingly very different women and slowly reveals the connections and divisions between Rennie, Amy and Cherry.

The immediacy and intensity of the writing has the effect of placing the reader into the moment, whether that moment is one of inappropriate sex or the anguish of a failing marriage or the routine of a psychiatric ward. O’Connor writes in the present tense whether the time is 2003 or 1988 but she only writes in the voice of the characters when they are teenagers. This underscores the power and emotional rawness of the girls’ stories in contrast to their attempts to control and repress in their adult lives.

As all three come to a life crossroad they are drawn back, as is the reader, to a time when their bond both bound them together forever even as it tore them apart. The final entry in the Bitch Goddess Notebook makes it clear:

Want to put the puzzle together?
Your weakness is your strength.
Lose your mind to find your heart.
Through rage, make peace.
Dig deep. Make it hurt. Make it bleed.

The Bitch Posse is not always a comfortable read but it is one that will challenge and ultimately, enlighten you.
She totally GOT this novel. I want to meet her. I want to take her out for a bev-er-AGE. Right after I finish stacking these sandbags against the door.