Monday, February 14, 2005

Lonely Hearts Club or My Bloody Valentine?

This was a lovely story from Telegraph UK. It's put me RIGHT OFF the chocolate.

Police race against time to stop Valentine's Day suicide pact
By Charles Laurence in New York
(Filed: 13/02/2005)

A worldwide search was under way for more than 30 members of a Valentine's Day mass suicide pact yesterday after American police arrested the man accused of masterminding the plan on the internet.

Detectives said "time is running out" in the hunt for a mother of two in New England who has promised to kill herself and her children. So far those identified in the pact are in North America but others may be scattered across the globe. {more}
The mass suicide was going to be broadcast over the Web via webcams. Gerald Krien, 26, signed people up for the suicide pact through a website and chatroom he ran. There appear to be no religious elements to this planned suicide.

The woman who tipped off the Klamath Falls, Oregon police was going to participate in the suicide herself. Then she heard about the children, which got her to come forward.

What are people thinking? I'm going to hug my kids extra hard tonight.