Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I Guess This Is What They Mean By "Synchronicity"

Imagine you write an 800-page novel that no publisher will touch. Imagine that this heartbreaking and frustrating experience makes you give up on writing... for THIRTY YEARS. Imagine that just as you've about put your publishing dreams to rest, you make friends with the company head of an audiobook company. Imagine she agrees to do a recording as a favor to you, making your novel an oddity-a book available ONLY in audio form.

Yes, imagine you are this chap here, RON MCLARTY.

And--this is the big one--imagine that a published writer like, oh, say, STEPHEN KING, happens to LISTEN to your audiobook and LOVES it. Loves it so much he writes about it in a magazine like, oh, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

Now imagine you're looking at a $2 million advance and movie deal with Warner Brothers.


Rescued by Stephen King
Longtime writer Ron McLarty finally sees print

NEW YORK (AP) -- Ron McLarty wrote an 800-page novel at age 24. When publishers showed no interest, he wrote another and another. After the third, a novel called "The Memory of Running," he finally gave up sending manuscripts to

But he kept writing.... {more}

King found McLary's audiobook while listening to books-on-tape, a hobby he developed when he was recovering from being struck by a car near his home. In the EW article, King called THE MEMORY OF RUNNING "the best novel you won't read this year."

Erm, guess he'll have to change that little word "won't."