Saturday, January 08, 2005

Just What is X-Rated Anti-Chick Lit?

I hafta say, I really dislike chick lit. MOST of it, anyway. I will confess to liking Bridget Jones' Diary, but I didn't need to read it three million times under various titles, ya know? My book is very different. Dark. No gay best friend, no bitchy boss! And get this! There is not one single brand name shoe in THE BITCH POSSE! (other than Doc Martens... heee.)

Anyhow, when they sold my book, they called it "anti-chick-lit." In the UK now they're comparing it to AMERICAN BEAUTY and promoting it as "X-rated-anti-chick-lit." Gotta love that... whee!

ANY-WAY, I'm just messing around with this whole linkage thing and wanted to see if I could successfully link a photo album. Orion (my UK publisher) created this very groovy notebook which they're handing out to booksellers. (Remember, they're calling the book THE BITCH GODDESS NOTEBOOK in the UK.) Here's where you can see it! If you click on the word "slideshow," the pages will skate past you so you will almost feel as if you're turning the pages on a notebook.