Saturday, January 08, 2005

children with DIABETES - Quilt for Life

Here is a link to the children with DIABETES - Quilt for Life.

I think we'll be making a square for our son. He's almost 8 and was diagnosed over the summer. He was very ill, in a state called DKA. I'll write about it sometime. I think this quilt is a great tool for acknowledging the fact that he has diabetes, but in a really positive and creative way.

Children with Diabetes is a great group run by Jeff Hitchcock and co-moderated by Laura Billetdeaux, two AMAZING human beings who give and give and give... I recommend that site for anyone who is close to someone with Type 1 Diabetes.

Some ex-friend of mine told me that because our family was getting so involved in diabetes advocacy and research, we were making diabetes the center of our son's life. Things that make you go, "HUUUHHHH?"