Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Tornadoachtige Prozadebuut

Happy New Year all! This is the year of The Bitch Posse, and I am so excited! The Bitch Posse: A Novel by Martha O'Connor.

I learned my pub date is May 12, 2005. Next week my publicist at St. Martin's and I are going to talk about my author tour and which cities I'll be going to.

Oh! And I have an Amazon page... no cover image up yet, though, wahh. And here's my British Amazon page. There's a little plot spoiler on that one. The Brits are calling it The Bitch Goddess Notebook.

Here's the page from the Bzztoh site (Holland). You have to type in my name or the title De Bitch Posse into the search engine on the site to see the cover. I sent their description through a translator and I ended up with this plot description.

"End years eighty finds three meiden each other on a middle school:Amy, cheerleader which its gewoonheid are tired, Cherry, theverzorgster of her to drugs addicted themselves, older becominghippiemoeder, and Rennie, the most brilliant student of the schooland the one which expectsmost of living. They share their passie for music, their itself-written poems, their clothing choice, their hatred against theirsurroundings and finally blood also their: they are the Bitch Posse,the most fearless strength conjugation in hostile surroundings.Fifteen years later the three women wrestle with their life. Rennie are a docent to a secondary teacher training which goes withmuch of its students to bed. Cherry have suicide inclinations and are incorporated in a clinic. Amy have married, weet that she leads a splendid life, but is always frightened for the future. The threewomen are however also pursued by the past, by large secret of the Bitch Posse, that one time in a terrible manner has house-obliged.The Bitch Posse are tornadoachtige the prozadebuut of the Americandichteres Martha O'Connor, a real ' anti-chicklit novel ' in a verydirect and sharp style, in what the lifelike meiden of the pagesafspatten."

Sounds irresistible, heh?