Monday, January 10, 2005

Advice from a Second-Time Novelist

I'm just running out the door to start my day, but a friend of mine from Readerville, Karin Gillespie, has a great LiveJournal entry on how to publicize your first novel. (Her second novel's coming out this summer.) Worth a look-see and a bookmark!

'Course, I'M going, "Did I do this? Did I do that? OK, gotta do X, and Y, and Q, and L, and, and, and...." And my head is spinning.

Why? Because I'm a neurotic writer, that's why.

Oh! On the right-hand side of the page, I finally figured out how to make an Amazon link where you can pre-order THE BITCH POSSE. I wish my Amazon page had a cover image and a book description, but, well, it doesn't.

Here's the St. Martin's catalog copy for the book instead:

"In high school, Amy, Cherry, and Rennie were outcasts. They were rebels. They had a bond that no one could understand or break. In the present day, one is a writer who struggles with self-destructive relationships, another is married, pregnant, and trying to create what she thinks is a 'normal' life, and the last is in a mental hospital--and has been for fifteen years. In 1988, a series of events leading up to a shocking confrontation marked their lives indelibly. This event has torn them apart while at the same time binding them to each other with a secret that can never be brought to light. THE BITCH POSSE is an electrifying, heart-wrenching debut about friendship, betrayal, trust, and--ultimately--hope."

More later, my chickens!