Monday, March 13, 2006

From the Dreaded, Dreaded Sickbed

It was such a lovely weekend to have the violent stomach flu. Yes, that has consumed the entire weekend. I have only once before in my life been so incapacitated by an illness. Yes, it was every bit as horrid as you might imagine.

I am crawling back to post that there seems to be some progress with the First Five ad campaign (SEE BELOW)--according to First Five Monterey, the committtee who produced the ads are "reviewing them," and, seemingly, plan to edit them. Thank you to everyone who took a stand!

Marcus, in the comment section, correctly mentions that I used the *wrong* email address (!) to indicate where to send the complaints. Marcus received the same message many of us did:

Gravatar Martha,

I think you may want to change your post. I followed the contact info you provided and got the following response:

Dear Mr. Grimm,

I'm sorry, but you have contacted the wrong organization. We are the Association of county First 5 commissions and we have no relationship to the ads you have seen. The ads are developed and sponsored by First 5 California, a state agency, in conjunction with the Governor’s Health and Human Services Agency. You can contact them at or call 916-323-0056. I know it's confusing because our names are so similar. I'm sure they will benefit from your input.


Sherry Novick
Marcus | Edit comment Delete comment | Email | Homepage | 03.10.06 - 9:25 pm | #

The following seems to be a good address:

This particular person has been helpful in replying and keeping people up to date with what First Five is doing regarding the ads. She has been very concerned and has validated the fact that the ads were tremendously hurtful to our children not to mention misinformative.

I am so weak and drained! I have lost four pounds in three days, though. I guess that's a good thing. Ask me again when I feel better.