Thursday, February 23, 2006

ai watch... and, in which 'project jay' depresses me

i thought the boys sang beautifully! though i was more impressed with elliott than with kevin, kevin is a cutie and i think he'll survive the voting. there was no mention of either contestant's type 1 diabetes, but i predict that'll come later when we can see more indepth biographies of each contestant.

in other diabetes related reality tv, i found 'project jay' pretty much depressing. jay mccarroll won season one of 'project runway' and got a show where the cameras followed him around as he navigated the waters of being a designer. the episode ended in disappointment as the dress he was supposed to make for heidi klum to wear to the emmys got cancelled.

that wasn't what depressed me, though. early in the show we saw jay mccarroll's dad in a wheelchair and jay referred to him 'chewing tobacco on his way to dialysis.' oh shit, i thought, i hope it's not diabetes. yeah. it was diabetes. it haunted me all night, thinking of that man in a wheelchair who's lost his legs to diabetes.

not in a good mood this morning.