Monday, February 20, 2006

type one twofer... yahoo!

well, very briefly, since tendonitis has left me unable to capitalize... (nice, for a writer!)... time to change the subject and chase things up a little after all this stuff going on in our neighborhood. thanks for all the emails you've sent about what happened. while i feel horrible myself and in shock and disbelief, it's nothing compared to what the family of the man who was killed is going through. it is so hard for those left behind.


subject change and put on a happy face-- SMILE SMILE--because this *is* cool news--

first off, the american idol top 24 has two, yes two, contestants with type one diabetes!

so, let's all give a big yahoo to elliott yamin and kevin covais! both of these singers wear an insulin pump to control their type one diabetes! if anyone knows what kind of pumps they use, post it here... just out of curiosity! we know that gonzaga basketball star adam morrison uses a minimed--you can't stop the minimed and you can't stop the 'stache! our son uses a cozmo... he loves it!

i hope the producers will use this as a reason to raise awareness about the disease! i read in elliott yamin's biography that educating the public about the intricacies of the disease, and the search for the cure, is one of his goals. and now, i can claim i am watching the show for educational purposes!

go, elliott!

go, kevin!

second--tomorrow i will post a great interview i have with author julie kenner. julie's the author of the series about the demon-hunting soccer mom. i told you that we moms have too many responsibilities these days!