Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Scary? Nah, He's Sweet!

As y'all know, I've been looking forward to last night for a LONG time. We went to see Adam Morrison and the 7th ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs take on USF. Just a little background, we LOVE Adam because he has the same type of Diabetes our son has, takes care of it very responsibly, checking his blood sugars several times per game, and oh yeah--BEING THE #1 COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER IN THE NATION.

We got there VERY early, and watched the players practice for awhile. This was maybe an hour and a half before tipoff and there weren't many fans there at all. There was Adam, taking perfect three-point shots, practically dancing around the court. We didn't have the best seats--we were up in the "reserved" section--but we scooted down to the railing to see him and shouted, "HI ADAM!" He looked up and waved. Then we noticed some people waiting on the side of the court for autographs. We dashed downstairs and barged our way into the expensive section--and stood next to the others, waiting on the court.

After awhile, Adam headed over to the Gonzaga bench to take a break and speak with his coach. After a few words they stopped talking, and Adam sat by himself. (There weren't any other players on the bench.) We grabbed our programs (a big article about Adam was inside) and walked along the front row of seats until we were behind Adam and his coach. I explained to the coach that our son had diabetes like Adam and wanted to say hello, was it OK? The coach just laughed and said, "Sure."

I tapped Adam on the shoulder and he turned around. I introduced ourselves and said our son had diabetes. Our son asked, "Can I have your autograph?" Adam smiled and wrote GO ZAGS, Adam Morrison, #3 on his program. Then I introduced our daughter and said, "She helps our son a lot with his diabetes." Adam mumbled something which I didn't hear (somehow he strikes me as a little shy or something! But in a cute way) and then repeated himself: "With diabetes, you can always use the help." He signed her program too, the exact same way. Then I thanked him for being such a good role model and inspiring so many people, and our son wanted to know what kind of insulin pump Adam used. (He uses a MiniMed.) Our son showed Adam his own CozMo pump, and then we wished Adam luck and waved bye. In less that an hour, the game would start and Adam was destined to set the court on fire, scoring his third-best career game with 41 points.

What a game! Here's an excerpt from the SF Chronicle story:

Zags, Morrison too much for Dons
Nation's top scorer torches USF for 41

Bruce Adams, Chronicle Staff Writer

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

USF point guard Armondo Surratt had a career night, scoring 30 points and leading a defensive effort that often had WCC-leading Gonzaga confused and out of position.

Still, it was a loss for the Dons, and all Surratt could do was shake his head.

"I can't even explain him," he said. "He's scary."

Surratt was referring to the Zags' Adam Morrison, who stole the show -- and the game -- scoring 41 points as No. 7 Gonzaga beat USF 84-75 Monday night at a packed and boisterous Memorial Gym.{{{MORE}}}

Packed, indeed. Someone had opened a side door a quarter of the way into the game and the crowd poured into the aisles, stairs, and doorways. Had there been a fire we would've been in dire straits. The capacity of War Memorial Gym is 5300--I'll wager there were EASILY 6,000 people there.

We tried to find Adam after the game to congratulate him--but he was nowhere to be found. The other Gonzaga players came out the front door of the court to go to the locker rooms, but we didn't see him. He did give an interview to the Chronicle reporter, but maybe he left through some other door soon after that. ???? Anyway, it was good we got our autographs in advance. What a great, classy, and interesting guy. :o)

I'll scan one of our autographs later--and after I muck out the back porch a little more, I'll come up with a Tactical Tuesday for you! I will... I PROMISE!