Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Ratteths Returneth

Hi everyone, we have returned to clean out the remaining afterbits (read *shovel sewer shit*) from the San Anselmo Flood/Ross Common Nightmare of 2005! We got back late this evening, with no waterheater and a dying furnace, and the cleanup isn't really done, but I personally just couldn't take being gone any longer.

I haven't gotten the photos off my camera (both cars are totalled, there were 4-5 feet of water and 11 foot swells in front of our house, the basement was entirely flooded and we lost the water heater and most likely the furnace too), but someone who has a store in down town San Anselmo took some really good photos as well as Quicktime video of the rushing waters here (this is about a mile away but you get the same idea--same creek, different name) Bill's photos of downtown

Bill's movie #1 (apx. 7 sec.)

Bill's second movie (apx. 8 sec.)

OK, time for bed. :o)