Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Follow the Bouncing Blood Sugar Number

Hello good friends of the blog, wherever ye may be~

I do believe I will be sleeping most of the day after the kids are at school. Our son went to bed with a blood sugar number of 105 and 2.0 units of insulin onboard. I gave him a small snack (~15 grams carbohydrates) to bring him up ~50 points and went to bed. At his 2 AM check, the meter read 482... retesting, it read HI. That's higher than he's EVER BEEN since diagnosis. I think the FreeStyle Flash cuts off at 500, so that means he was between 482 and >500. ("Normal" blood sugar numbers are 80-120) No ketones. But one angry little boy. And one sleepless mommy.

I bolused him down to 150, using 482 as the starting point. Then, getting nervous about such a big bolus at 2 am, I had him retest~the meter read 271. For those keeping score at home, that's ~200 point differential. you don't want to overshoot your blood sugar target by 200 points.

Called the clinic and they said to sit tight for an hour and test again. Which I did~at 3 AM he was at 358. At 4:30 he was 265... I'm thinking I'll test again at 5 and bolus if needed, since most of the insulin will be out of his body by then. Needless to say, I haven't slep, though he has slept, albeit badly.

I'm thinking it was a rebound from a low since the 15g carb snack I gave him couldn't possibly have brought him from 105 all the way up to HI on the meter. Oh fuck I'm exhausted. I'll try to come through with a Tactical Tuesday later in the morning though. I'm thinking Writing Through the Pain? That seems appropriate... more later, my little bunnies...