Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Been tagged!

A little background first~I've been having so much fun revising my novel (no, really... REALLY... to me this is where the real creativity takes place) that I plumb fergot to do my Screwed Up Tactical Tuesday So I Have To Make It Up On Wednesday posting!

After that moment of epiphany on my own personal Walk of Shame, I opened an email to discover I've been tagged by dej at the SkateFic Blog--and I'm NEVER tagged. Because of the unlikelihood of its very EXISTENCE, I immediately concluded that dej's message had been sent from above to be my blog topic for the day.

So why don't we just say the hell with this week's Tactical Tuesday writing tips and call it a wash, shall we? Because before you know it, it'll be Thursday, and Tactical Thursday sounds even worse than Tactical Wednesday... we'd have to call it Thursday Theory or something and that just sounds like, ugh, a rhet comp class.

So onto...

My Top Ten Reading Secrets

10) I forget endings to books unless I've read them about seventy-nine times. This makes me an ideal reader of mysteries and whodunnits because it's like opening up a brand new book. Hell, even "the butler did it" surprises me sometimes.

9) Like most of you I went through a dirty books stage. After "Forever" and "Wifey," I graduated to High Literature- the novels of Judith Krantz. Yes, I truly felt "Princess Daisy" exposed far more of the human condition than even "Hamlet." (It exposed far more of SOMETHING, anyway.) Some claim that I still have dirty girl proclivities, but hey, I'm no Judith Krantz. That chick was the Master!

8) My all-time favorite books are children's books. I could read "Goodnight Moon" with my eyes closed (and have!).

7) As a teen I watched soap operas voraciously ("Days of Our Lives" was my fave-remember "Patch?" Yeah, I was going to marry him and everything). Because I just couldn't get enough, I copied some of the dialogue and read it over like it was a book. For awhile I was going to be a TV writer. I even wrote up a treatment for my own soap called "The Livingston Legacy." Once a week I'd type up a script for that week's episode and circulate it among my friends. The pages oozed the most disastrous cliches: jealous lovers, mysterious fortunes, thwarted assassination attempts, and plenty of face slaps and drinks tossed in each other's faces. It was tremendous fun.
6) I read while driving. But only in heavy traffic, or at stoplights. I swear they haven't suspended my license. Yet.

5) I don't finish books I don't like. If it hasn't caught me after fifty pages, it goes back to the libary, or if I really hate it, against the wall.

4) And don't get me started on the library. They have posters of me up all over as their MOST WANTED PATRON. That's because I check out TONS of books at once, keep them too long, and then owe a bunch of fines. I could buy a new car with what I've paid in fines over the years. My daughter's the same way.

3) If people tell me they don't like to read, I secretly think it is because of some character defect.

2) When I was younger I'd read anything. If there was nothing to read, I'd take cans and boxes down from the cupboard and read the labels. They oughtta print serials on the back of cereals for people like me.

1) I still read with a flashlight under the covers sometimes, just for old times' sake.

And now here's the part where I tag three authors! Joe Konrath (Lt. Jack Daniels Mysteries), Mark Farley (The Bookseller To The Stars), and Karin Gillespie (Bottom Dollar Girls Series)... you're it!