Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Sewer Rat Speaketh

A few people have called and emailed to see if I was OK. Yes, I'm OK. Thanks. Remember when I was a river rat? Now I'm a Sewer Rat. Really the worst of this whole clean-up is opening a box of ruined items (i.e., kids art) so they can be sorted through, only to be assaulted (through a breathing mask, even!) with an odor which leaves absolutely no doubt that yes, the sewers did back up into the creek water. :o(

There's a community meeting at the end of the month. Sponsored by the police and fire departments who DIDN'T warn us this was going to happen, and the County Supervisor who offered us "debris boxes...." nearly A WEEK after the flood, when we were all well into our cleaning up process, and had hired our OWN boxes. I'm bringing tomatoes... not to mention some plastic boxes full of river/sewer water.

My San Anselmo friend said that the newspaper report that 25% of the businesses were up and running was wishful thinking. She said they must have been counting all the offices on the second floor. She's right--I went there and aside from the coffee shop, a few restaurants, and a few brave businesses... it's like a ghost town.