Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Few Photos of the Aftermath~

I've finally uploaded some photos of the aftermath, on our property, of the Marin County floods. As you might remember, we were able to evacuate just in the nick of time, so most of the water's gone in these pictures. The cars were totalled too.

Our insurance doesn't cover the damaged possessions, only the rehab on the structure itself. It may or may not cover landscaping. The cars are covered for bluebook value.

Additional dramatic pictures can be found in our neighbor's photo album (scroll back a few entries). These photos, however, for those who know us and our neighborhood, paint a picture of the destruction the flood left in its wake.

These two photos show what we saw when we drove into the driveway. This used to be our front yard. You can see some of the trash that washed up into the yard.

Most of the trash and large debris ended up here, at the side of the house.

This is someone else's trash bin. It washed into our yard and crushed part of our fence. Now the neighbor's puppies are coming over all the time! So it has its advantages... :o/

Our front porch and steps were covered with river mud and sewer sludge. The water was almost 5 feet deep and left this rank residue all over everyone's home.

You can see the waterline on one of our doors to a storage/play area. Inside this area was stored some antique dressers, bicycles, and a computer/copier.

Most of the water is actually gone from this picture. The children had a play/clubhouse area here, and this is where their toys were. You can see a large heating pipe has fallen down.

Here's the pool/airhockey table the twins played with for 5 days solid before it was destroyed. The brown layer on the top is creek runoff and sewer sludge. It was completely underwater. The writing community and others via Backspace took up a collection to pay for new toys for the children. Thanks to them we'll be able to buy them nearly all of the toys that were down in their area. Thank you, everyone!

This was the mini-fridge the twins were keeping sodas in down in their clubhouse. It was completely underwater.

Here's what we saw when we were finally able to open the door to the other storage area. So much debris was jammed against it, we had to get help to open it. This area contained a number of first edition collectible books, aswell as personal items and family photos/children's art.

The backyard. Most of the water is gone here, too. Not visible in this photo: A propane tank had floated onto the top area of the slide.

A small sampling of the drywall that had to be cut away.