Saturday, August 06, 2005


So today was exciting in three ways.

1) It was the one-week anniversary of our son on the insulin pump. Overall, a pretty uneventful week, except for a bad site yesterday... requiring a call to the clinic and a site change. Three readings in a row in the 300s. I can't wait to see his a1c next month.... NOT. It's going to be horrible, I know. #1 he has come out of his honeymoon and #2 this pump start, we're learning diabetes all over again just about.

2) There was a "Kids Day at the Lab" at UCSF. Both kids got to go into the diabetes research labs and see exactly what the researchers are working on towards a cure. Meanwhile the adults heard presentations from Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone and Dr. Stephen Gitelman about the research towards a cure. Believe me, it was an honor to be in the presence of these two incredible doctors. Afterwards, our daughter came out and said, "We've got DNA in our pockets!" Now there is a remark you hear maybe once per lifetime. They each had a vial of human DNA used for experiments in their pocket.

3) Two more members of the menagerie... Bonnie and Lionel the rats. Yes, it was a very weak moment. Fortunately they are both girls. We nearly got a girl and a boy rat, but since we don't want baby rats, we got two girls. And Lionel could be a girl's name.... Hell, our daughter's already decided to teach her rat (Bonnie) to read, so ya never know where that Orange Prize for Literature will go... Methinks it is Bonnie's turn.

More later... XOXOXOX