Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I Sold a Book Today & ... Gotta Love Tekakwitha

'Kay, so it was just ONE, and 'kay, so let's hope I sold more than one book SOMEWHERE TODAY, but this particular sale was really, really nice.

I happened to be in a Borders store with my daughter and decided, what the hell? I'm here, may as well sign copies of my book. They had 7! Which was cool in and of itself,. But also, the staff were SO nice to me~three different booksellers asked what the book was about. THEN, the man next to me said, "Sounds like a good book, can you inscribe one to my daughters?" I said, "Ummmmm sure but how old are your daughters?" "14. Do you think it's a good book for 14-year-olds?" I said, "Wellllll, very mature 14-year olds I guess." (I've gotten emails from readers as young as 12, but ya know, well, if you've read the book, ya know.)

So I told the dad that he may want to preview it first." (No worries, he's a ponytailed Marin County dad, but still.) He said "This is so cool, meeting an author. Wow! Wait till I tell my girls..."

So I made $3.00 on that hardback sale, but that little interaction made my day.

And as a PS... Tekakwitha gives a great account of her second date with Mr. Pastry Chef... really, this is just a comment on what life is like for people with Type 1 Diabetes every day, the explanations, misunderstandings, uncomfortable moments.... Go and Read It.