Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pumping Insulin~yay!

Our son's been pumping insulin since about 2 yesterday afternoon. He did his first correction bolus at the insulin start meeting, his first meal bolus at dinner, and his first middle-of-the-night cirrection at 3 AM (258)... I rechecked at 5 (148) and intended to recheck at 7 but then just ended up crashing until 9:30 (203). I'm not that great at this night checking stuff. Plus, our son wakes up and snatches away the lancet to prick his own finger. He sometimes gets combative when he is being checked at night, and is almost always snarly.

We wouldn't have corrected that number when we were on shots. The beauty of the pump is that you can correct in these very small increments. As I look as these ramifications for his long-term care and control I'm very thrilled.

Still I ended up staying up 2 hours emailing with the Children With Diabetes list to make sure I had done the right thing, then doing a little research for my new novel. So there was no way to really fall back asleep between 3 and 5. Oh, well. It's worth it.