Sunday, July 24, 2005

How I Shall Glow!

'Member back when I did that interview for TV, Connie Martinson Talks Books? When I was sitting in the green room with the very-well dressed and very kind Martin Moran (whose book is on my To Be Read stack), I read through the TV interview tips... #1 on the list was "Don't wear white. It will glow on camera and distract from everything else on screen." What was I wearing? Like the big Dorkzilla that I am, I had chosen a flowing white peasant blouse. %$#@&!

Anyway, the interview is airing tomorrow (Monday)! You can see Connie Martinson Talks Books in most major cities. The ones I know about are:

Channel 26, San Francisco, CA, 9am PST
LA Cityview channel 35, 3pm PST and 11:30pm PST
NY WNYE cable channel 25 Monday 7:30pm EST

Here are other cities where the show airs:

Web listed local show times:
Las Vegas, NV - Los Angeles, CA - Mount Prospect, IL (Government channel) - New York, NY - San Diego, CA - San Francisco, CA - Santa Monica, CA - University of Maryland.

Newest Television areas to add her show:
Vail Colorado, Malibu California, Oakland California (PCTV and gov channel KTOP), Coral Gables Florida, Tropico Park Maryland, O'Fallon Missouri (St.Louis), and Bismark North Dakota.

The times are on the individual stations' sites, linked at Connie's site. (Click on Internet TV) You can also see the interview via streaming video on the same page at Connie's site.

Watch me glow!